Kitchen Studio Personal Chef Krista Roslof

Personal Chef and Nutritional Coach 

Meet Chef Krista Roslof

Natural Health Specialist

I am passionate about health and nurturing people with food.

Creating health in the body, by choosing foods that support us, is an investment in ourselves and happiness.

I have been working with food, in a professional way for over 28 years. I was raised in a family that honored nature, my parents were gardeners, beekeepers, and artists. I remember my mom baking bread every week, making preserves, pickles, canning, and freezing fruit and vegetables.  This is the base I started from, every decision I have made since, followed a natural progression, based on what made sense to me. I deeply honor the whole process of food, from farm to table.

My career in food started when I was living in NY, I got a job at a neighborhood Bistro, the Chef worked with us every day, and I learned the basics of classic French technique. From that point forward, I dove into the world of fine dining, I was determined to learn, and develop as much as I could. While living in NY city it gave me a  tremendous opportunity to learn from some of the best kitchens in america.


While living in NY, I transitioned from fine dining, to working as a personal Chef. I was fortunate to work with some high profile clients, on a day to day basis, as well as heading up, cooking and staffing many small events.


In 2006 I moved back to the midwest, and focused on raising my family. I had gained a lot of weight during my second pregnancy, I found myself obese, and struggling with Type 2 Diabetes. I knew I had to make a radical change, so I focused on learning as much as I could about hormones, and how our endocrine system has such a profound effect on our weight. This was the start of a new journey for me.


I joined a gym, and step by step, over the course of two years, lost 100lbs. I had also, turned into an athlete during the process. So my emphasis went from weight loss, and blood sugar management, to eating for sustained energy as I trained for endurance events.

It is true, I have walked both extremes, I know how it feels to be overweight and sick. I also know how it feels to be strong, and light, and in peak condition.


My intention is to use my personal experience, and knowledge to support each client I work with. There in nothing more rewarding than to truly assisting in someone's healing path.


Why Personal Chef

Improved Health

I will talk with you, and we will determine a customized eating plan, so you can reach your health goal.

Dietary Restrictions

I am well versed in many types of dietary needs, vegan, gluten free, lactose intolerant, keto, paleo.

Local, Seasonal, Organic

My passion, and experience is working with the seasons, sourcing local, and organic.

Weekly Menu and Meal Planning

I will write a custom weekly menu you, I will shop, prepare the food, and supply you with instructions to enjoy. Of course I will leave your kitchen spotless.

Weight Loss

It's much easier to reach your goal, when you have the food ready for you when you want it.

Special Events

I will be happy to set up your dinner party, I am really good at wine paring. I am also able to plan your small event, exactly the way you want it.


Your Health Starts Here

Contact Info



Wauwatosa, WI 53213


Initial Consultation


The initial consultation involves me coming over to your house meeting with you, and talking about your personal goals, preferences, and specific dietary conditions.

At this time, we will determine what is the best way I can be of service to you. Because each client, and situation is unique, it will be decided during the consultation what makes the most sense.


To prepare for the consultation, it is suggested you think about what you want from this service, I am well versed in many areas of food, and nutrition, I am here to support you.



Weekly menu planning,

shopping, cooking, instructions and clean up,

Personal eating plan, based on what your goals are, 

Dinner Parties, up to twelve people, I will plan the menu, prepare the food and supply staff in needed, to serve.

Small Catering events, when the food needs to be special and completely custom. I will write the menu, prepare, plan, serve, and clean up.

Cooking classes, I will teach according to the need ans wants of my client, happy to teach small groups.

as always my emphasis is on seasonal, local, and sustainable.


I charge $20 an hour, or $160 a day, plus travel and shopping time. After consulting with client, we well determine what type of billing makes more sense. Ultimately the client will decide.

When I am working on an event, on a Holiday, such as cooking dinner on Thanksgiving day, I charge a day rate of $350

These prices are based on my experience as a Chef, I have been working professionally in the culinary field since 1997

I lived and worked in NY city for eight years, I was the personal Chef to high profile clients

I bring to your home my extensive training and skill set. I work efficiently, cleanly, and with deep respect for your health and personal space.

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